2022 Candidate for Iowa House District 91

Why I'm Running

For the first time in our lives, my wife and I are seriously wondering if our grandchildren will grow up in a free country! Government at every level seems to have forgotten its purpose as enshrined in the Declaration of Independence: Our rights come from God, not government, and the purpose of government is to protect those rights. This same sentiment is expressed in Iowa's motto, but federal government is out of control and the states seem unwilling to push back, tolerating or accepting the attitude that rights are handed out by politicians.

We need bold voices in Des Moines who understand the foundational purpose of government.

Meet Brad Sherman


Find Your Voting Place

Please check out the information on this web site and feel free to contact me with any questions.

For those of you in the new Iowa House District 91 (see map below), your vote for Brad Sherman on November 8, 2022 General Election is appreciated. Volunteers, donations, etc from outside HD 91 are also welcome!

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