An American Catechism

An American Catechism by Brad Sherman is availble to download and print and also as in video form here.

The complete video can be viewed in less than 17 minutes, or view shorter individual videos per question, below.

Individual Videos per Question

1: What form of government was established by our founders and the Constitution?

2: What is a republic?

3: How does a republic differ from a democracy?

4: Why did the founders consider democracy a bad and unstable form of government?

5: Where did the founders get the idea for a republican form of government?

6: What sets the American republic apart from other republics?

7: Why is federal government divided into three branches?

8: Which produces more freedom and economic stability, a republic or a democracy?

9: Why does democracy degenerate toward socialism, poverty, and despotism?

10: Which is intended by the Constitution to have broader powers, Federal Government or State government?

11: How do we restore the American Republic?