Honesty and Transparency in Government

I think we have it pretty good here in Iowa with a Conservative Governor, House and Senate. But there is always room for improvement. One doesn’t have to look too closely to see swamp-like behavior in Des Moines. I have sat through more than one speech from Iowa’s government leaders talking about the great things they have done, only to learn later that it wasn’t quite like it was presented. We all need to remember two things: 1) The swamp is always lurking (see article on swamp draining), and 2) the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

Clearing away the smokescreens will require honesty and transparency in Government. We have to get back to the foundational principles of Government and take control away from self-serving politicians who are beholden to big donors/business. This will require electing honest people with integrity who will present accurate information instead of political spin to the public. If the voters of Iowa and Johnson counties send me to Des Moines, this will be something I work for. One thing I guarantee, I will not be a rubber stamp for big donors or political bosses.