Right to Life & The Philosophy of American Government

Perhaps the most foundational principle that underlies the American form of government is found in the Preamble of the Declaration of Independence. In short, it states that we have unalienable rights which come from God (not government) and the purpose of government is to protect those rights. This is the philosophy and purpose of American government. If those in government would remember this principle in all their deliberations, we would not be experiencing such loss of liberty and our freedoms would be secure.

Individual Rights

Because every person is created equal - in the image of God - rights are first and foremost an individual issue. If we would get back to this simple principle, and enforce it equally, racism and many other isms would cease to be an issue. The class warfare we see today pitting group against group is ripping our nation apart. But the leftists in our nation promote this class warfare because it is part of their strategy to undermine the American form of Government, the Constitution, and reshape America into a Marxist state. We must stand against this.

The preamble to the Declaration also tells us that among those rights that God gives us are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The violation of these basic rights is a poignant reminder of how government has forgotten its true purpose.

Abortion and the The Right to Life

The right to life is absolutely the most important right we have because no other right matters if we are dead. This is why abortion is so horrendous! The murder of the most innocent is a complete disregard for the value of life. And do not be deceived, if not stopped, such disregard for life will certainly lead to the elimination of anyone who is deemed a hinderance or unuseful to dictatorial powers.

Sooner or later, I expect Roe v. Wade to be overturned and, when that happens, it will likely become a state issue. That is when the line will be drawn and we will need strong leadership at the state level.

The Right to Liberty

There are many examples of our liberties being trampled. One of the most current and most blatant violations of liberty is seen in the mandates surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Most people are beginning to recognize this as being used by government to expand its power and control. Travel lockdowns, business closures, mandatory masks and forced shots go against liberty, against law, against science, and against historical precedent. Not since Nazi Germany have we seen such medical tyranny being forced on individuals.

The Right to the Pursuit of Happiness (Property)

A little research reveals that “the pursuit of happiness” was an abbreviated reference used by the founders describing the right to own and enjoy property as a result of one’s labor. But government often seems to assume it should control the fruit of our labors and our property. There is a word that describes working for a master while living on a bare minimum being doled out by superintending powers. That word is slavery.

Excessive taxation is one of the tools used to bring about this form of slavery. We need to recognize that taxation is way more than federal and state income tax. Those are bad enough, but we also have sales tax, fuel tax, inheritance tax, property/real estate tax, numerous licensing fees, and a host of other fees and tolls too numerous to mention.

And there is another tax that most people are unaware of: Corporate Taxes. Yes, many big corporations are corrupt and need to be regulated or possibly even prosecuted. But when you hear people whine about coorporations needing to pay more tax, stop and think: who will end up paying that tax? Not the coorporation! They will just add the cost of higher taxes to their products and regular folks like you and me will pay for it. Some studies have calculated that, when all the different embedded taxes are calculated, the average citizen pays 59% (or more) of their income in taxes – and it continues to increase.

A term synonymous with this government imposed slavery would be Socialism/Communism, which has its roots in a “group think” mentality which discounts individual rights. Socialism and Communism is government control and ownership of property and industry. Its cousin is fascism, which is when government partners with privately owned big business to monopolize industry and produce the same kind of tyranny. This is what Eisenhower warned about, calling it the Military Industrial Complex. We call it the Deep State, or The Swamp.