Meet Brad Sherman

Brad Sherman

My name is Brad Sherman and I am a candidate for the new Iowa House District 91 which includes all of Iowa County as well as the western and northern portions of Johnson County. My wife Carole and I have been married for 47 years. We have 4 children and 13 grandchildren. I am running because I am concerned for their future and yours.

I lived in Johnson County for 30 years before moving near Williamsburg in Iowa County 12 years ago. I currently serve as the chair for the Iowa County Republicans and as pastor of Solid Rock Church in Coralville. I also bring a lot of blue collar experience and common sense to the table. I have worked in farm drainage and land improvement, worked as a heavy equipment operator and mechanic, worked in the construction trade building commercial and residential buildings, and have done some real estate development. There is a serious disconnect between politicians and the real hard-working people who actually get things done in this country. This disconnect exists largely because we have big donors and big businesses controlling career politicians who are more concerned about position and power than people.

Here are a few bullet points that further describe me and some of my positions:

  • Pro Life
  • Pro Constitution
  • Pro Law Enforement
  • Pro 2nd Amendment
  • Pro Family Farm
  • Pro State’s Rights
  • Pro Election Integrity
  • Pro Medical Privacy
  • Pro Traditional Family
  • Pro Free Speech
  • Pro Energy Independence

I am a patriotic American and I worked for good government and good public policy for a long time. I’ve worked in caucuses, political conventions, and presidential campaigns as far back as the mid 1980’s, see endorsements here. I have been a long time advocate for Life, helping to found Informed Choices Medical Clinics where I served as the president and board chair for 10 years. I have traveled around the Midwest conducting seminars helping people understand the principles that made America the freest nation on earth (something our schools are not teaching these days). One of those principles is laid out in the Declaration of Independence which states that our rights come from God, not government, and the purpose of government is to protect those rights. It seems that many in elected office have forgotten this principle.

State Government vs Federal Government

The corrupt condition of Washington, DC is accurately described as a swamp and it seems to be swallowing us up. But we must remember that it was the states that created federal government in the first place and it is going to take strong leadership in the states to put overgrown federal government back in its Constitutional place. I am running for State House because I firmly believe that the line against federal over reach must be drawn at the state level and I want to join others in drawing that line.

Like many Americans today, I find the socialist and Marxist trends that are pushing our nation ever closer to the tyranny of communism very alarming. I can’t sit back and let these evils destroy the freedoms that have made America a blessing to the entire world.

This is my pledge to you if I am elected to the State House: I won’t become a rubber stamp for any donor or any career politician. I believe there is right and wrong and I will stand for what I know to be right. I’m asking for your help and together we can become part of a movement to take our nation back!